Welcome to the storytellers! Welcome to the storytellers!
Welcome to the storytellers! Welcome to the storytellers!



Our Short Story

We are BeeKa! A bunch of ass-kicked youngsters got together to get things done! We create stories! Of course for your brand! Stories which people can connect & relate, Stories which increase the loyalty for your brand. Because marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.

BeeKa is a digital marketing company based at Kochi, India. We do online marketing, brand promotion, website & app development, search engine optimization & publicity design. Here at BeeKa, we CREATE. That’s basically how we make a living.

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We are Storytellers. We are Dreamers. We CREATE. We are BeeKa

We put people and technology at the forefront, which turns into valuable assets for your business.

What we do?

Here at BeeKa, we CREATE! We undertake Digital Marketing to empower brand presence on online & social media. We undertake Brand Promotion to uplift the brand identity and make it reach people. Our experienced team undertakes Video Production as per our client's requirement. Rather than these, we got brilliant heads to work on Web & App Development, Search Engine Optimisation and PR Marketing.

Our Clients

We create awesome and stunning digital solutions for our customers.